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About is an exciting new project designed to provide answers to life's trickier questions. You know...the kind of questions you might struggle to ask loved ones without causing offense or total embarrassment.

The site was inspired by a conversation I had with friends following an article ("Prime mate norm bucks animal urges") which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, October 3 2011. The article was reporting the results of a psychologist's study that had concluded that monogamy "isn't natural", and which also made reference to comments by Seattle-based sex columnist, Dan Savage, about "monogamish" relationships (source - careful, it's a bit 'out there'), and the conversation drew from a friend's recent experience of reading "A Bride Stripped Bare", by Nikki Gemmell.

I tried and failed at numerous attempts to put my view on monogamy across, and the effort created a heap of other questions in my own head. So I wondered how everyone else viewed monogamy in the 21st century, and if they agreed [with the article!] that it really was unnatural, and how I could get answers to other sensitive questions about sex and relationships. The result is, where anyone can ask anything they like.

The goal is to get a lot of people using the site and answering the questions. If people register (or just provide their demographic information with the answers) it will allow for more interesting analysis of the answers. The more people that use the site, the more questions are generated, and the more accurate the statistics become so PLEASE get your friends and family involved by sending them a link or liking us on Facebook, Tweeting the page, etc.

The best thing is, everything is completely, 100% anonymous. Registration is optional (unless you want to post your own questions). If you do register, your username and email address are for communication purposes only and are NEVER stored with your answers, or your questions if you choose to ask some.

Had enough words? Jump in and register now, or answer your first question!


Apart from just being extremely interesting, I'm hoping the website will spark conversations all over the world about what it is to live and love as a modern human being, and to make some taboos a bit more open...not that I'm particularly into taboo subjects myself, of course...think I'll stop there before I dig a bigger hole!

When a question is posted you'll be able to view a statistical breakdown of the answers. By providing some basic demographic information (sex, year of birth, marital status, etc) the answers can be broken down further and trends identified.

Profile privacy

In order to allow statistical analysis of the responses (e.g. how did men answer versus women?) we ask for some personal details. This is now optional, so you don't have to provide any more information than your answer. NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION is store with your responses, so any answers you provide cannot be traced to you (although we do track if you've answered a question, just not HOW you answered). This is to allow you to give the most honest answer without fear of any comeback.

Our full privacy policy can be viewed here.

Asking questions

Once you've registered and activated your registration (via a link sent in an email) you can ask your own questions. Each question requires at least two answers, and can have up to five, which are displayed as multiple-choice options. Registration also means you don't need to wait for a new can answer as many as you like!

Answers are available immediately, including breakdowns by sex, age, marital status, etc.

So...what are you waiting for? Register now and get involved, or just answer a question!

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